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i-Mobility High Tech companies from Israel are actively seeking cooperation and co-development partnerships with German Automotive, Cyber and Manufacturing Industry.

A unique opportunity for executives from corporate investment, strategy and innovation divisions of car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and long-term investment funds.

07.06.2018, Ludwigsburg, Germany

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I-Mobility High-Tech Event at a glance


20+ high-tech automotive-related businesses from Israel and Germany

Hardware-, software- and data-driven businesses show their expertise

Additional expert knowledge for cross-company business modeling on site

Unique, inspiring location: „City of Innovative Living“

Presenting companies

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Participating companies

A selection of automotive OEM Tier1 suppliers, automotive-related mid-size businesses as well as investors will participate at the i-Mobility High Tech Event. Join the invite-only event for an exiting afternoon.


4.00 pm  | Welcome and overview of Trade Mission – Wiebke Fischer, Senior Trade Officer, Economic & Trade Mission, Munich and Dr. Janka Krings-Klebe, Managing Partner, co-shift GmbH

4.15 pm | Delegate Companies Pitching Session 1

4.50 pm | Keynote „Digital Governance – Major Lever for Growing Business“, Joachim Heinz, Managing Partner co-shift GmbH

5.15 pm | Delegate Companies Pitching Session 2

6.10 pm | Keynote How Plug and Play’s open innovation platform “STARTUP AUTOBAHN” can help young Israeli High-Tech Companies to do business with major German corporations“, Daniel Dilger, Ventures Director @ STARTUP AUTOBAHN and Country Manager Israel 

6.40 pm | Flying dinner,  1:1 sessions, networking and expert insights

8.30 pm | End of event

Location: City of Innovative Living

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Uhl City of Innovative Living

This outstanding venue combines the exhibition of finest and modern furniture with a futurist interpretation of an old manufacturing building.

The City of Innovative Living offers room for both broad networking and confidential meetings. https://www.uhl-schoener-leben.de




The event is free of charge. Join exiting businesses and access expert knowledge.

Seats are strictly limited. Your participation is confirmed, in case you receive your personal confirmation.

The registration has been closed.