We prepare businesses to enhance their position in dynamic markets.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Whatever your strategy for digital transformation: You need to close the gap for its execution. We assess key success factors and the preparedness of your company to execute your digital transformation strategy.

Digital Org Assessment

Companies are facing a new dimension of dynamic challenges in their business environment. Competition requires much higher flexibility, and the ability to rapidly adapt and perform new types of business. We benchmark the flexibility of your structures, processes, leadership, governance and culture against those of the world’s most agile companies.

C-Level Coaching

We brief C-level executives about digital technologies and their potential impact on markets and customers, along with the challenges this creates in established business.
Coaching of C-level executives delivers clarity about their specific roles, tasks and individual challenges for implementation of a highly dynamic business. Our coaching is tailored to the needs of individual executives and may include one-to-one conversations, hands-on coaching, systemic feedback in individual sessions and ad-hoc advice on request.

Recent assignments (amongst others):

C-level mentoring and communication set-up prior to worldwide deployment of  an digitalization initiative. 

Reboot, steering, coaching, and training of a worldwide distributed process organization.

Building Dynamic Business

We align activities of business development, innovation, and corporate governance into a coherent, targeted strategy to build businesses that profit and grow in highly dynamic markets.

  • Assess the impact of digital technologies on your customers and markets.
    Determine the current position and capabilities of your business against future needs.
  • Set up your future business with new structures, leadership and governance for highly dynamic environments.
  • Move your operations closer to your customer to master volatility and unpredictability.
  • Break down barriers for entrepreneurship inside your organization.
    Develop your company into a platform for cooperation across organizational units and silos.

co-shift coaches leadership teams to find solutions for dynamic and complex challenges associated with highly dynamic business.

Recent assignments (amongst others):

Design of platform-based business models for the internal business of a service company.

Conceptualization of an IT organization based on a service-oriented architecture.

Retained Advisory

Ensure the effectiveness of your strategic innovation and transformation programs. Retained advisory services give access to the broad insights and deep strategic expertise of the founders of co-shift. We continuously monitor and analyze business innovations, technological trends and their impact on markets and associated businesses.

Tailored to your organization, we provide our leading insights, deep hands-on experience and independent perspective in advisory boards, strategy councils, and to leaders of strategic transformation and innovation programs.

Recent assignments (amongst others):

Periodic validation of the phases of a global transformation initiative in a technology corporation.

Set-up a corporate governance for a green-field approach of an IoT business.

Commissioned Research

Commissioned research for our clients delivers specific insights for strategic decisions. We analyze specific market developments, strategic scenarios and review concepts for implementation.

Recent assignments (amongst others):

Benchmark study about digitalization strategy and set-ups in automotive industry.

Benchmark study about agile organizational set-ups in industry, including a concept for transfer to a business unit inside the Bosch Group.

Analysis of TOP10 barriers during piloting of agile organizational set-ups, including recommended actions.


Our keynotes inspire new ideas, invite to reflect about new opportunities and change. Profit from cross-industry case studies, long-term practical application and the profound business experience of the speakers.