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Deep insights and hands-on experiences from > 20 years of digital transformation form into keynotes tailored to your event.

First-Hand Transformation: Making Bosch Agile

First-hand insights into Bosch’s journey to become a digitally connected, agile company.  Practical experiences, challenges and winning approaches.

  • Developing a sense of urgency
  • Call for innovation
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Challenges for leadership
  • Rethinking organizational setups

How Digital Transformation Works in Practice – or not

Grippingly told, several examples from production industry show how specific business challenges can be used to truly transform corporate culture and leadership.

  • Fast and flexible implementation of customer requirements
  • Challenges for planning and management
  • How to repeat achievements from agile pilots throughout the company
  • Derived actions in processes, structures and project management

Digitalization Between Efficiency and Innovation: Succeeding in Both

Gain deep insights into the dual strategy, the special abilities and unusual structure of companies that are particularly successful in the digital age.

  • Fully benefit from digitalization opportunities on operative and strategic levels
  • Successfully combine efficiency and innovation in operations
  • Focus on autonomous business units interacting with internal services
  • Company culture of market leaders in the digital age

Digital Platforms –
Game-Changers in Business

Digital platforms have the potential to fundamentally transform all businesses. Interconnected markets and products take down industry boundaries. The most adaptable companies know how to benefit from it.

  • Division of markets through digital platforms
  • Ad hoc cooperation of companies becoming a standard business case
  • Preparing your company for new opportunities
  • Implementing a roadmap of strategic change