“Future Legends” is shortlisted as Thought Leadership Book at the Global Peter Drucker Forum, among books from Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler and others.
Future markets will become hyper-dynamic – fueled by digital technology deeply intruding into the life of consumers and businesses. Hyper-dynamic markets challenge businesses to become radically more adaptable and innovative than they are today. This book gives business leaders a strategic blueprint to survive and profit in these times. It describes how to turn businesses into future legends.


“This great book offers a bold vision for leaders how to transform their corporates into platforms, ready for innovation at scale in the digital age.”

Gisbert Rühl, CEO Klöckner & Co SE

“Inspiring – and true in many ways! Future Legends invites you to change the way you think about your own environment and take a look at the social consequences of rapid change through new technologies. And most important: Each company’s corporate culture plays a widely underestimated yet decisive role in the transformation of institutions.”

Uta-Micaela Dürig, CEO Robert Bosch Stiftung

“Explains in a highly readable form how to resolve the contradictions arising from simultaneous management of substantial established business and innovations.”

Dr. Ingo Luge, CEO E.ON Germany

“Digital connectivity dramatically changes the business landscape. This must-read equips leaders with game-changing knowledge and conceptual approaches for the future of business.”

Markus Bentele, Group CIO MAHLE International GmbH

“The book does not just add to the number of publications arguing businesses must become radically more adaptable and innovative than they are today. It is also a “how to” guidebook on making those changes – and the best one I have read to date.”

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Paul Barnett, Founder & CEO Strategic Management Forum

This book is an inspiration for digital change and impressively recommends leaders to hit the road together.”

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Stefan Fritz, Founder and CEO of synaix