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Dancing with Platforms

Digital platforms and their ecosystems are outgrowing all other businesses, usurping their market position, commoditizing their products, slowly squeezing them out of negotiating power and hijacking their profits. Or not? Is there a way to escape their grasp? Some kind of strategy for long-term success? How about this: Stop dancing around them. Dance with them instead.

Growing Innovation

Open business ecosystems are not limited in their possibilities. Flexibility and speed in cross-company collaboration is what distinguishes them from other business setups, making it simple to quickly grow promising innovations to profitable size. In practice, corporations struggle in participating in those ecosystems and setting up joint business operations. Their management and governance practices are not build to adapt to the required speed and flexibility.

Embracing Uncertainty

European industry is under threat from massively growing uncertainty.…

GPDF17 – A Lifetime Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

This is our contribution to the Global Peter Drucker Form (GPDF).…

Infinitely Scale Your Business

Have you ever wondered how some companies succeed in growing…