Announcing co-shift – Building connected business

“The best way to predict the future is to build it” (Abraham Lincoln)

We are proud to announce co-shift, our new company. We, the founders Janka Krings-Klebe, Joachim Heinz and Jörg Schreiner help businesses and organizations to successfully navigate through the digital transformation. We do this by helping our customers to build digital-ready business models and design of the necessary organizational setup. We are driven by a clear vision of the entrepreneurial business in the connected age.

The world is in a change that has not been seen in that scale since decades. Today, a second digital and connected skin, based on networks, sensors and data changes markets and customer demand. This enables entirely new business models and opportunities. There is a huge chance for start-ups – but in contrast, for existing businesses this can end up in a very dangerous and threatening situation of loosing market share, turnover and profit.

In this situation of fast-paced and digital-driven market changes, businesses have many questions such as:

  • What could digitalization mean for my business?
  • Where should I begin my digitalization efforts?
  • Which connections would make my business more valuable?
  • How can networked working styles bring benefit to my company?

All businesses and organizations are unique. For this reason, any transformational attempt must be tailored to the specific situation. Standardized patterns and blueprints won’t work in a dynamic environment. With our long-term experience across a wide range of disciplines, leading transformational projects and serving different industries we guide enterprises to build their very own transformation strategy.

Our customers rely on our both broad and deep understanding of the impact of digital technology on businesses. We carefully track new market requirements, technology and needs. We are able to translate digital business models into the optimal business and cultural setup.

Our mission is to guide businesses through the current period of great opportunity. We know it can be done in a way that not only is highly profitable, but that also fosters personal growth, business innovation and social responsibility.